Ayurveda and Yoga at Villa Magdalena

Since ancient times knowledge of Ayurveda has been used for various methods of treatment, prevention and longevity.
It is an important part of the cultural tradition of India, and is related to the ancient way of treatements with dietary recommendations, herbal treatments, yoga and meditation exercises, massages, aromatherapy, various rituals related to the sun and moon energy.
With these simple changes in diet and lifestyle, we can influence our health – mental and physical, and live in harmony with nature.
In Villa Magdalena you can make a first step towards these new changes in life, spend a few days relaxing, acquiring new knowledge and skills, while finding peace for your soul and body.
In Villa Magdalena we practice Yoga Nidra technique. Yoga Nidra is one of the most powerful techniques to achieve a complete, profound and healing relaxation that includes physical, emotional and mental relaxation to awake the sleepy centers of the brain and mind. It is a wonderful instrument for achieving peace, the withdrawal of the senses and the mind, and the complete regeneration of whole system. Yoga Nidra brings complete relaxation from all the tensions, releases hidden potentials and creativity, and brings our being into complete harmony and connection with our true nature.
Whether you are in top shape or completely out of shape, whether you have problems with your spine, stress, insomnia or simply want to learn something new while on vacation, do something good for your health and your future – relax in Villa Magdalena!

Individual session of Yoga Hatha and Yin for 2 persons – around 1h – 125 €

Ayurveda packages