Goodbye summer, hello autumn!


Izvor TKZŽ, autor: Jasenka Haleuš

(Source: TZKZŽ, Jasenka Haleuš)

If you are one of those who rather chooses their vacation after the hot summer days, now is the ideal time to plan your perfect holiday.

 While days are still warm and long, with temperatures much more comfortable especially if you plan to have active vacation.

 In our picturesque Zagorje you’ll feel overwhelmed with nature. There is a list of possibilities how to spend your time in the green nature and relax your body and soul while thinking of your health and condition.

In our hotel you can rent bikes and discover the paths of Zagorje. We surely recommend to take a stop at village households to taste traditional cuisine- „štrukli” ( baked strudel with cheese), „purica s mlincima” (turkey with authentic Zagorje pasta) or „zlijevka” (salty cake) and for the true wine lovers, you can visit awarded wineries.

Izvor TKZŽ, autor: Jasenka Haleuš

(Source:TZKZŽ, Jasenka Haleuš)

If you love walking and hiking, you can rent nordic poles with a lunch package at the hotel and we will send you on an adventure trough hills and wine roads with a beautiful and magical view of Zagorje.

After you come back to the hotel, it will be ideal time to dive in the jacuzzy and feel the power of thermal water. Thermal water in Krapinske Toplice is widely known for its therapeutic nature and the quality is ranked 6st place in Europe. You can discover this benefits straight from your living room or visit nearby water center Aquae Vivae – a new and modern complex with lots of water attractions.

One of the specific experiences in this time of the year is definitely harvesting of wine grapes. If you find yourself in Zagorje in this late summer time, every winery will gladly accept your help, and you’ll get a tasteful reward afterwards.

 We hope you will spend more days here in our Zagorje, in which case you will be able to get to know more about our history. In Krapina, there is Neanderthal Museum, which will give you opportunity to get back to high school chair and remind you of the history of mankind.

Nearby is also museum Radboa- the world’s richest deposit of the fossil flora and fauna. Trough multimedia innovations, this modern exhibition will show you the history of Radoboj. 

One of the most known names in Croatian history is surely Matija Gubec and his Peasant revolt. His birth house is in Gornja Stubica near which is beautiful baroque castle Oršić . Both of the sights represent the peasant revolt and life of patricians and peasants in the time of the notorious nobleman Franjo Tahy.

Zagorje is full of stories and legends from the past, and one of the greatest was the tale of Veronika Desinička and Veliki Tabor Castle. The Castle dates from 15th century and is the oldest one in Zagorje. It is open as a museum with a few open exhibitions- painting exhibition of Oton Iveković, exhibition of cold weapons, historic exhibition of Veliki Tabor…

Trakošćan, jezero

If you find yourself on the way to Varaždin, you can visit Trakošćan Castle – castle that is for a few year now ranked as must see destination in lots of European travel guides. Beautiful forest and lake around the castle are ideal for the whole day excursion in nature with a pinch of culture and history. 

Zagorje offers endless possibilities- a romantic getaway, active vacation, excursion and travel with family or friends. Here you can find everything for your dream vacation.

Talk to us and we will gladly help you to plan your free time- we know you don’t have a lot of it. 🙂

Izvor TKZŽ, autor: Jasenka Haleuš
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