Krapinske Toplice – „Aquae Vivae”

Zagorje- fairy tale at hand

Only 50 kilometers from capital city of Croatia, small bath and spa resort of Krapinske Toplice found its place.

Although there are none written evidence of Romans ever crossing these roads, there is a legend about the very name this little village has. When tired and exhausted Romans came to the thermal well of Krapinske Toplice, the water gave them energy and filled them with strength to successfully continue their battles.  As a gratitude to mother Earth, they’ve called the well “Aquae Vivae” or translated “the water of life”.

No wonder one of the more modern bathing centers in the area bears exactly this name – Aqua Vivae. In the heart of our beautiful Toplice, a new and modern swimming pool complex has been built with water attractions and the most important- thermal water. The Aquae Vivae Center attracts numerous visitors of all ages, and apart from the wave pool and slides, the special attraction is the deep dive pool.

Inthe hotel Villa Magdalena, each of our accommodation units has a jacuzzi in the living room where you can also immerse yourself in hot thermal water and find out why the founder of Krapinske Toplice, Mr. Jakob Badl, laid the foundations of today’s most famous spa in this small town.

Mr. Badl was a merchant, who was suffering from arthritis caused by his many travels, and through getting acquainted with the locals and listening to their stories about the benefits of thermal water, he decided to find the truth in their words. Shortly after he was healed, he began construction of Mary’s and Jacob’s Bath at the very source, which further stimulated the development of the whole town.

At the entrance to the building where these baths are located, a Croatian coat of arms is carved with the inscription: “Aquae Vivae; To honor the homeland and benefit humanity. MDCCCLXII. ”

On the hill Magdalena above the Toplice, a mausoleum was built in honor of Jacob Badl.

The thermal water of Krapinske Toplice has been proclaimed the 6th highest quality water in Europe.

Water temperature ranges from 39 to 41 ° C, making it a Ph neutral mineral water, with calcium, magnesium and hydrocarbon dominating in chemical composition.

Although the heat of the water can sometimes be intense, it helps to ease the pain.

Hot thermal water is best for maintaining good health and vitality, and the combination of hot spring water with a rich chemical composition is suitable for rheumatism and problems with joints, heart disease, spine and many other medical conditions.

You do not need to be a chemist or balneologist to understand the benefits of spring water; it is enough for you to come and have a bathe. 😉

The Zagorje region is largely covered by sediments deposited in the Pannonian Sea, which stretched between the Alps, the Carpathians and the Dinarides 12 million years ago. Due to the influx of large quantities of fresh water, the sea was gradually transformed into a freshwater lake, and thousands of years later into spas.

Krapinske Toplice is a small village with a rich history that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Whether you spend one day or a few here with us, you will always be happy to come back.

And we will always welcome you. 🙂

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