Wellness therapy as a way to prevent spring fatigue

Finnish Sauna Villa MagdalenaWith warmer weather and longer days, daily routines become more tiring and drain our energy.

What we often forget is to give ourselves some quality time and to rejuvenate our body and mind.

One way to revitalize and do something good for your body is to visit a spa center.

Here in Villa Magdalena Hotel, on the top floor you can enjoy in a panoramic wellness and spa oasis. It includes three types of sauna (infrared, combined bio/finnish and steam sauna), whirlpool with thermal water, heated pool, fitness room, relax zone and sun terrace.

Sauna- healthy warm therapy

Finnish (dry) sauna

Finnish Sauna Villa Magdalena

Imagine this scenario- you walk into a small wooden cabin with a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, dry and warm air around you while you’re lying on a wooden bench wrapped in towel and listening to soft and relaxing music. It sounds like a place with no worries and where the only important subject is – you.

Since forever it is known that our body detoxicate itself when exposed to high temperatures.

Whether it’s  winter or summer time, sauna therapy gives you a simple state of overall well-being.

After sauna treatment, you will be relaxed and calm, with no weight to carry on your shoulder.

With an active and busy life style, you need to treat yourself with some calmness at least twice a week, especially during this transition months when your body is being stressed by cold mornings, warm afternoons and higher pollen count leading to allergy reactions and respiratory infections.

Sauna therapy, with pre and after preparation, will rejuvenate your body and mind and it will make you more enthusiastic about everyday tasks.

You will feel and look like spring – young and alive.

How to prepare and behave in sauna:

  • don’t eat heavy or spicy food at least 1 hour before going to sauna
  • take a shower so the surface oils wash off of the skin and to open your pores
  • go to sauna in a towel and use it for max 15 minutes
  • cool off outside in the shower; first hands and legs then body and face and sit down on a relax bench for the exact time you’ve spent in the sauna
  • drink some water or herbal tea to replace the lost liquids

In finnish sauna your body is exposed to high temperature in dry environment.

Recommendation is to repeat the treatment 3 times.

Finnish Sauna Villa Magdalena

If you are using sauna for the first time, listen to how your body reacts. Be in a sauna for shorter periods and look how your body will endure higher temperatures.

Positive sides of using finnish sauna: boost of immune system, prevention of infectious diseases, increase metabolism and mind relaxation.

Come visit us and find out for yourself 🙂

Finnish Sauna Villa Magdalena
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