Wellness therapy with steam and infrared radiation

Villa Magdalena - Steam SaunaIn the last post I’ve tried to show you the magic of wellness you can experience in panoramic wellness oasis on the top floor of Hotel Villa Magdalena. In this post I will tell you more about three other types of saunas that you can enjoy at our spa zone.

“A woman looks her most beautiful after the sauna.” (Finnish saying)

Steam sauna

Villa Magdalena - Steam Sauna

Opposite of Finnish sauna, which is characterized by dry and hot air, is steam sauna.

The origins of steam saunas or steam bath come from the Roman bath, which begun during the height of Roman Empire and was spread to Ottoman Empire and Islamic world where it got it’s widely known name- Turkish sauna (hammam).

Characteristic of steam sauna is high humidity environment (80-100%) with the temperature around 50 °C. So basically, when you enter a steam sauna you can expect to have a bath in water vapour around you.

Although Finnish and steam saunas have similar effects on the body, a steam sauna is more beneficial to people who have respiratory problems, bronchitis, asthma, sleep troubles or insomnia because of higher humidity level.

Furthermore, it is great for people with dry and damaged skin and hair and helps with muscles tension and pain in the bones and joints.

In our wellness oasis, apart from steam and Finnish sauna, we are offering you two more types of saunas: bio and infrared sauna.

Bio sauna

Bio sauna is a type of Finnish sauna, it is under the type of dry sauna, with a slightly lower temperature of heated air.

It is recommended for people who tend to withstand high temperatures with dry air. A pleasant temperature with moderate humidity provides a gentle and comfortable climate for relaxation.

Infrared sauna

Villa Magdalena - Infra sauna

The infrared sauna is characterized by infrared radiation, just like solar radiation that is essential to the health of living beings. In this type of sauna, infrared rays penetrate up to 1 cm in the skin and then transfer heat to deeper tissue through the bloodstream. You sweat from inside out with higher intensity than in Finnish sauna.

The temperature of infrared saunas is about 60 ° C, and is recommended to be used once a week for 20 minutes.

Warm infrared saunas relax and relax the whole body, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Except for detoxifying the body, lately infrared saunas are becoming increasingly popular in the fight against the biggest female enemy -cellulite. A special effect against never-ending battle is achieved if you book maderotherapy treatment with one of our licensed spa therapist.

The rules of sauna use apply for both Finnish and other types of saunas, with an emphasis on relaxation. Do good for yourself and your body and treat yourself to a few hours of carelessness and comfort – body and mind will be grateful to you.

Villa Magdalena - Steam Sauna
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