Zagorje Bike (Cycling routes)

Discover beauty of Croatian Zagorje on two wheels, stay fit, have a good fun and stop by among the hills for a fine glass of wine.

In our hotel you can rent quality MTB bikes and discover hidden paths of Zagorje. Our Zagorje is called a Fairytale by hand for a reason because this region abounds with nature, verdancy and springs of thermal water.

Whether you want a short break in nature or all day excursions, bikes offer you recreational vacation, while being among the green hills of Zagorje offers relaxation, peace and it’s a perfect getaway from the stressful life in the city.

You can find all Zagorje routes on the website Zagorje Bike.

Depends on your physical condition we recommend you to go on one of the following routes:

The path of two springs 1,2 (Krapinske Toplice – Tuheljske Toplice)

Thirty km and more of picturesque cycling route provides a pleasant ride through the area which links the two sources of health and recreation – Krapinske Toplice and Tuheljske Toplice.
On the both sides of the path there are meadows, fields, vineyards… Beside enchanting natural beauties, the path has many crucifixes called “krajputaši”, numerous churches, chapels and monuments of fallen soldiers. The paths are like a framework of the two springs, and the museums, galleries, castles, two president’s birth-house and numerous sacred objects that are near the path are a reason more to choose this route.
Because of the possibility to combine the local roads with this route, you can adjust it to your physical preparedness.

Biciklističke staze Hrvatsko Zagorje
Biciklističke staze Hrvatsko Zagorje
Length: 15,5 km + 20,8 km
Elevation: 160m, 390m
Difficulty: 1/5, 3/5

Following the thermal springs (Krapinske Toplice – Pregrada – Tuhelj)

This bicycle route is more laid back, with fewer climbs and more suitable for a lighter, recreational ride through two beautiful valleys and known Zagorje Thermal Baths.

The route begins in the center of the Tuhelj settlement. Drive to Tuheljske Toplice, but on a 1.5 km drive turn left onto a less busy road. You will pass next to the largest tourist complex of Continental Croatia Terme Tuhelj, near which is also the castle Mihanović. Follow the traffic sign and continue towards Krapinske Toplice. You can expect a slight rise, , after which the road is quite straight. After 10 km from the start you enter Krapinske Toplice, one of the most famous health resort in Croatia. Be sure to visit them. Continue driving along the Kosteljina River through the village Ciglenečki and at the Y intersection, next to the tavern, turn right and continue along the playground. The castle Čret is right. Continue driving along a wide and picturesque valley with beautiful views to the north and the Zagorje hills and knolls.

Pass by Mališ and at the Y intersection, 17.8 km from the start, turn left and start climbing across the hill. After the descent, in the village of Petki, turn right towards Bežanec.
At T intersection (20 km from the start), proceed straight ahead. After crossing, on the right is Leskovar courtyard, and soon you pass by the Bežanec Castle. At the Y intersection with the main road, turn right towards Pregrada. For safety, we recommend driving along the sidewalk. Follow the main road. Soon, on the right, you pass by the Dubrava Castle.

Shortly at T intersection 6 (22.2 km), turn left towards the Vrhi Pregradski village and continue on the less traffic road. After 24.7 km 7 you will come to Pregrada.
The center of Pregrada which is dominated by Kunagora is a great place to rest before continuing the ride. At Y intersection 7, continue uphill to the west and at intersection 8 turn to Sopot and continue south. Driving through the Zagorje Valley at any time of the year can be a special experience because of their beauty. Drive through the settlements of Stipernica and Marinec and soon enter the settlement of Velika Horvatska.
You must stop and visit the famous castle on the hill above the valley, which offers a wonderful view. At Y intersection 9 (34.7 km from the start) turn left and continue towards Tuhelj where this bicycle route ends.

Biciklističke staze Hrvatsko Zagorje
Length: 38 km
Elevation: 260m
Difficulty: 2/5

Route Vranyczany (Začretje – Mače – Poznanovec – Mirkovec – Začretje)

The cycling route full of gazebo and beautiful nature begins in the center of the settlement Sv. Križ Začretje.
At the beginning or end of the voyage, be sure to visit the complex of Vranyczany Castle. The route leads you further by the highway to the intersection 2 where you turn left towards the villages of Vojnic-Breg, Kozjak and Sekirišće. At this same crossroads the return route comes from the south. Drive on narrow promenade on a low traffic road. At intersection 3 (3.6 km from the start) with the chapel turn left and continue through the settlement Sekirišće, then climb the road then go downhill to the intersection 4 in the village Martinec Orehovički. At the intersection, turn left and continue on the macadam road, slightly uphill. In the settlement Županjići at T intersection 5 (7.8 km from the start) turn right and continue uphill. The climb soon ends and moves down.
Soon you arrive at intersection 6 (9.3 km from the start) where you turn left and continue climbing. From here there are several climbs that will eventually reward you with a beautiful view of South Zagorje. Just hold it on.
At intersection 7 (10,3 km from the start) the climb ends and you continue on the left by a ridge road from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the landscape.
Enjoy a well deserved rest, because you are waiting for another ascent. In the settlement of Meštrovići the climbing starts again, but the space is, fortunately, open and you can enjoy the view. In the settlement Perići, at the intersection 8 (12,1 km from the start), continue on the right. Soon there is a macadam path that is straightened. Now you go the highest part of the route. Do not rush, but enjoy nature and landscape.
After 13.6 km from the start begins a steep descent , drive with caution.

Soon you arrive at intersection 9 (15 km from the start) with a crucifix on which you turn left. Downhill soon ends. At the next intersection, carefully turn right and continue the valley drive towards the Mače settlement. At intersection 10 (17.9 km from the start), turn right in the direction of Zlatar Bistrica and Zlatar. Soon you arrive at the center of the Mače settlement where you can rest and refresh yourself.
At intersection 11 turn right. The route continues through a picturesque landscape and a less busy road, and on by entering Poznanovec you will pass by Poznanovec Curia.

At intersection 12 (24.2 km from the start) you will come to the intersection with the main traffic road. At the intersection turn right and proceed cautiously. If necessary, you can continue driving on the sidewalk. At the center of Poznanovac at the intersection 13 (25 km from the start), turn to the left carefully and continue on the less busy road to the south.
Soon you enter the valley and pass through Dubovec, where you turn right at intersection 14 (30.5 km from the start) with the telephone booth. Continue the route down and enter Vučak settlement, where at the intersection 15 turn right in the direction of Bedekovčina.

At intersection 16 (36 km from the start), turn left carefully and continue with a careful ride. If necessary, you can also ride on the walkway. You go past the restored curia Donja Bedekovčina. At the intersection 17 (38,2 km from the start) with a crucifix turn right. Continue driving along a narrow hollow through the villages of Mački, Šamci and Žitnjaki to the intersection 18 (41,2 km from the start), where the macadam roads cross each other.
At the intersection, turn left, then immediately to the right and continue on asphalt.

Soon you arrive at intersection 19 (42.2 km from the start) where you turn left onto the macadam path. The intersection is easy to miss. The bicycle route is slowly approaching the end. At the intersection 20, next to the restaurant Stara Škola, cautiously turn right (near the castle Mirkovec). Continue driving in the direction of intersection 2 and your destination Sv. Križ Začretje .

Biciklističke staze Hrvatsko Zagorje
Length: 47,5 km
Elevation: 580m
Difficulty: 4/5

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