Dry Float Therapy – Zero body

Not everyone knows that stress can be quantified by measuring cortisol in the blood. Floating reduces its level by half compared to a traditional relaxation bed. Meanwhile, the absence of contact points has a beneficial effect on the body.

It affects our mood in a positive way.

During the experience of floating, the body stops adjusting body temperature and gravitational orientation: two activities that alone absorb up to 80% of our resources. Once this burden is relieved, the body is free to produce endorphins, substances associated with well-being. A floating session also favors the production of serotonin – the “hormone of happiness”.

Quality sleep.

Floating has a positive effect on the quality of sleep with effective and lasting results. Sensory isolation in a floating tank can induce deep relaxation and deep sleep patterns.

Muscle recovery where after just one floating session, muscle soreness can be significantly reduced, ensuring faster recovery of energy levels and faster tissue regeneration.

Regeneration of the mind.

Because floating can activate certain areas of the brain, studies have shown it improves mental performance, including focus and concentration.

Floatation therapy

20 min – €28.00 one person, €55.00 for two

30 min – €38.00 one person, €65.00 for two