Climate change has been described by the world’s leading scientists as the biggest and most dangerous problem of today. As witnesses to this, we are aware that change can only come if each of us starts from themselves. Hotels play an extremely important role in preserving the environment and creating sustainable tourism development worldwide. All hotels, no matter how small, burden the environment. They consume water and energy and generate large amounts of waste. But if every hotel in the world could reduce its environmental impact, it would make a big difference in global issues. Millions of people visit hotels every year, and environmentally friendly business has an impact on the entire natural world around us.

Hotel Villa Magdalena as one of the leading wellness hotels in the region, in the desire to preserve the environment, nature and natural resources, aware of the role it promotes in society brings the following

Enviromental management policy

which commits itself to responsibly manage all aspects of its business, thereby minimizing negative environmental impacts.
We are committed to implementing the following principles of the Environmental Management Policy:

  • compliance with all applicable environmental regulations
  • our priority goal is to comply with the requirements of the “ECO Green Hotel” in order to meet the requirements of EU ECOLABEL and get their certificate as soon as possible
  • introduction of new environmentally friendly materials and substitution on substances that directly or indirectly affect the environment
  • continuous improvement of environmental performance in the field of energy efficiency
  • our goal is to cooperate as much as possible with the local community and procure food from domestic organic farming
  • we plan to continuously educate the staff so that everyone in their department can contribute as much as possible to the requirements of the “ECO Green Hotel”
  • continuously informing guests about our achievements in environmental protection
  • before handing over all waste to the collector, we select and hand it over according to the type of waste, which greatly reduces the amount of mixed municipal waste that is non-selective and cannot be recycled
  • digitization of all internal hotel processes with the aim of minimizing printed documents
  • this Policy is a framework for setting our environmental goals

We continue to appeal to all our potential guests to look for hotels that are systematically working to become green hotels and that have an environmentally friendly business policy whenever they are able to choose their vacation.

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