Krapinske Toplice


Krapinske Toplice are since ancient times well known thermal and spa resort. They are located in a quiet valley surrounded by wooded hills, in the center of Croatian Zagorje, only 50 km from Zagreb.


Judging by the Roman coins found in this area, Krapinske Toplice were known in Roman time as “Aquae vivae”, living water. The first written record of the springs dates from 1772. when here were 3 hot springs and during the next few years here were built 3 more baths (Gospodska, Dubrava and Rukavina bath).

The golden age of the health tourism for Krapinske Toplice started in the 2nd half of the 19th century, since 1859. when Jakob Badl bought existing baths and 3 new baths (Jakob, Maria and Folk bath), hotel, restaurant and spa were built. Jakob Badl also built the park and planted chestnut alley and thereby created a pleasant promenade from the bath building (Kurhaus) to the restaurant “Bellavue” on the other side of the alley. This was the way Jakob Badl expressed his gratitude for being healed by sciatica in this healing hypo-thermal water and has determine development of Krapinske Toplice (Krapina Spa) as spa, which was popular place at the time for recreation and health care of Austro-Hungarian elite.

In the fifties of the 20th century begins the modern era of the development of health tourism. The hospital department for rheumatic diseases and rehabilitation was founded and grown into Special hospital for medical rehabilitation, one of the most important rehabilitation center of its kind.

With such a reputation, in the 90-ies of the last century private investors were attracted and following was opened: Magdalena- Clinc for Cardiovascular diseases, Clinic for hemodialysis Vita and Akromion-Special hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

Thermal water and health tourism

Springs (4 springs) of natural healing thermomineral water, temperature 39-41 °C are with a high share of calcium, magnesium and hydrocarbonat and are placed in the center. Water is part of the
acratothermal waters, bacteriology is sterile and not radioactive and is for everyday use.

Hydrotherapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation program, weight loss program, active vacation, recreation and prevention programs.

In addition to physical therapy, water is used for drinking. It is beneficial for the digestive tract.

Medical programs are based on use of natural healing resources (thermal water and mud- fango) together with modern methods of physical medicis and rehabilitation.

Modern tourism and other facilities

Today besides the reputable special hospitals, Krapinske Toplice (Krapina Spa) have baths with currently 2 outdoor pools open during the summer months. Modern complex of indoor pools with a large number of water attraction and saunas is in the end phase of construction.

The place itself and surroundings offer numerous marked walking and biking routes, 10-15 min away are numerous tourist attractions: households, wineries, castles, museums, horse ranch