Marian sanctuary Marija Bistrica

Marija Bistrica is the most famous Croatian sanctuary and annually attracts more than 800,000 pilgrims from around the world to pray.

The place is dominated by the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is awe-inspiring with its size, surroundings and significance.

Sights of Marija Bistrica:

  • Basilica of Mary
  • open air Church Blessed Aloysius Stepinac
  • Bistrica Calvary
  • Carmelite Convent
  • Chapel St. Rok in Podgrade
  • Chapel of Our Lady at the top of the Vinski (Wine) hill
  • sculpture Park
  • Gallery Hudek
  • The frescoes in the arcade

History attributed to the statue of Our Lady numerous miraculous healings, and arround the church can be seen hundreds of marble slabs on which are carved the words of thanks like a living testemony of the significance and strength of Mother of God

Statue of Mary dates back to the 15th century. Entering the shrine, it is impossible not to feel the divine energy that attracts more than 800,000 pilgrims a year. The turbulent history of the Turkish conquest forced the church leaders of Bistrica to preserve the statue of Our Lady and hide it from the “patients from the Bosporus,” as among the people Ottoman warriors were called. The statue was finally placed in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the late 17th century and since then began the miracles which were recorded and carefully studied.

Marija Bistrica is located about 30 km (30 minutes car drive) from Krapinske Toplice.