NEW: New wellness and new Spa treatments

Dear guests,

At the beginning of this year, we prepared new Spa services and treatments for you in a completely new, relaxing Wellness area. In the new space, in addition to traditional massages and treatments, you can relax with additional new services and treatments – unique in this part of Croatia!

Our greatest asset is precisely the thermal water, rated as the 6th highest quality thermal water in Europe. The chemical composition of thermal water is characterized by calcium and magnesium. Magnesium and calcium are essential minerals for the normal functioning of physiological processes in the body, and as part of therapy, it is extremely important to provide the body with that part as well. This is why our wellness offers a synergy of thermal and sea water, and body treatments are focused on these two minerals.

Dry Float Therapy – Zero body

Floating without gravity on a bed of warm water without direct contact with the water. Dry floatation relaxes the central nervous system and isolates it from external stimuli. Each Zero body session can be customized according to your wishes and needs.

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Sauna Rituals – Rasul

Experience special rituals in Vip Rasul Sauna. Themed rituals up to 120 minutes, with Rasul sauna cycles up to 29 minutes. There are 4 rituals to choose from – with the aim of hydrating and revitalizing the skin, detoxifying and draining the body, cleaning the upper respiratory tract or total relaxation.

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“Spa Table” Experience

The “Spa Table” can be heated to a temperature of 38 – 40°C, which fits the preparation of the body for treatments and improves their results. The multisensory experience is enriched with LED light. There are three treatments based on and/or mud, peeling and massage.

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