Saunas – panoramic wellness oasis

On the highest, panoramic hotel floor there is a new wellness oasis with more than 350 m2 of space filled with different contents (whirlpool, saunas, showers, heating seats, relax zone with deck chairs…).Using of wellness contents is unlimited and included in price for all hotel guests. 

Working hours of wellness oasis: every day from 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM.


1. FINNISH SAUNA (up to 8 people): dry sauna with small humidity average (about 10%) has the best effect on stress and it’s highly recommended to everyone who wants to use the sauna for relaxation of body and spirit as well as to improve their body health. Because of the high temperature it is recommended to stay in sauna from 8 to 15 minutes, depending on your individual feeling. After using the sauna, it is important to take a colder shower and have a rest for 20 or 30 minutes to cool down the body. It is also recommended to repeat the procedure up to 3 times. Staying in sauna stimulates circulation, relieves tension and causes intense sweating. After sweating in sauna it’s important to drink fluids, for example water or soda, to maintain the balance of the body.

2. INFRARED SAUNA (up to 2 persons): sauna with low humidity average, but also lower temperatures than Finnish sauna. It’s first of all recommended for those who can’t bear high temperatures and want to gain immunity without too much exertion. Infra sauna provides healthy sweating with all advantages of infrared deep heating. Due to the top healing effects on skin diseases (acne, psoriasis…) and therapeutic in treating joint diseases like rheumatism and arthritis, infrared saunas are more and more used in medicine. Infrared rays act deep and therefore achieve faster and intensive sweating.


3. STEAM (TURKISH) SAUNA (up to 8 persons): primarily suitable for the revitalization of the respiratory tract. Water vapor moisturizes and cleans the airway, opens skin pores and has a detoxifying effect, enhances immunity and gives the body extra energy. A temperature of 45 ° C with high humidity have an ideal skin effect, and acts as a relaxation of the muscles. Turkish bath is one of the best ways to fight stress because it provides a sense of comfort. Its ultimate effect is the feeling of deep physical and mental relaxation.



Indoor whirlpool with thermal water, held on 35 ºC, with relaxing and therapeutic massages and beautiful panoramic view on the region will relax your body and free you from all worries and stresses.


Small fitness/gym area with a multifunctional exercise machine, a treadmill, a bicycle.


Indoor pool with heated water (4 x 10 m, 1.2 m deep), 32 ºC.

Outdoor pool during the summer (1 May -30 September)


Next to saunas there are showers and a drinking water source which will fill your body with needed minerals and energy.


On comfortable deck chairs and heating seats overlooking the region, with calm and relaxing music in background, you can easily free yourself from everyday stress, refresh your body and spirit. Wellness users have free water and tea.

Massages and beauty treatments

Find a moment only for yourself; afford yourself some massages and treatments from our rich offer. Renew your lost energy and move on to new challenges with west, classic, holistic, Far East and energy massage, Ayurveda massage, Villa Magdalena massage, Lomi-lomi nui massage and body and facial cleaning treatments.