Thermal spring water

Thermal water in Krapinske Toplice comes from four hyper thermal water springs, temperature 39-41°C. It contains lots of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Hydro carbonate and almost no Sulphur which makes the scent of water so mild. Water has a slight natural radioactive effect which helps with spine, elbow and locomotors system diseases as well as with rheum, sciatica, coronary diseases and vascular and circulation diseases.

According to international water qualification, water is:

  • Hyperthermal – temperature 41°C.
  • It flows from limestone and belongs to akratothermes
  • The amount of dissolved minerals is 450mg/L
  • From chemical perspective:
    • Cations of:
      • calcium – Ca++ = 52,4 mg/l
      • magensium – Mg++2 = 31,5 mg/l
    • Anions of:
      • hydrocarbonate – (HCO3)– = 293,0 mg/l
      • sulphate – (SO4)– = 39,7 mg/l

Water is evaluated as the 6th of highest quality water in Europe.

All apartments in Villa Magdalena have a Hot tub with direct attach to the thermal water springs (water temperature – 39°C). Wellness services of the hotel are also attached to that direct source of thermal water.

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