During your stay in Villa Magdalena, you can visit city Varaždin – the monument of culture, especially from times of baroque and rococo.

Varaždin is settled in north-west Croatia near the river Drava. Distance from Krapinske Toplice and hotel Villa Magdalena is 60 km.

The rich historical legacy and lots of events nowadays has made Varaždin one of the most interesting cities in Croatia. While visiting Varaždin, we recommend you to some of the following sights:

  • the fortress “Old town” – historical building from renaissance
  • cathedral of Virgin Mary – baroque building of great cultural significance
  • church of St. Nicholas – baroque building with statues of patron saint St. Nicholas
  • the house of Ritz – the one of the most beautiful medieval buildings in continental Croatia which is also the best preserved old house in Varaždin
  • Patačić palace – one of the most beautiful buildings of rococo
  • cultural manifestations: Baroque nights of Varaždin, “Špancirfest”, Thrash film festival etc.

An inevitable stop on the way back to the hotel is Trakošćan castle, one of the most attractive castles in Croatia, 40 km from Varažin towards Krapina.

And after all day of walking and exploring Varaždin, enjoy in our hotel on the beautiful terrace near the pool with romantic dinner and relax in jacuzzy in your room.