Walking routes

The spa walking ring

On the gentle hills that surrounds Krapinske Toplice there are numerous paths and trails. While walking through the region, you can breathe with your full lungs. Walking the paths helps with health, increases body condition, reduces heart-diseases and helps with medical recovery (with required professional medical control). Due to the demanding level, there are three groups of paths: 

MEDICAL PATHS – walking these paths represents a pleasant walk, and with adequate program provides the return of some heart and vascular functions to patients as well as making a habit to maintain the current functions to work properly. People with health problems (cardio-vascular disorders) can walk these paths but they are required to contact the doctor before they go for a walk.

RECREATIVE PATHS – paths are for free movement, relaxation, health maintenance and cardio-vascular diseases prevention. 

TRIM PATHS – paths that are suitable for increasing body-condition for healthy persons. Beside the exercise-program, walking these paths helps to increase physical preparedness and to preserve strength. 

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