We invite you to let yourself up to different massages which will be provided to you from the highly qualified staff with references in the services we offer.
From our offer:

Classical treatments
Classical massagesClassic – medical, sports and anti-cellulite massage from 15 to 60 minutes.

AromatherapyAromatherapy is an ancient holistic method which uses essential herbal oil and fruits to improve physical and emotional body condition. We see its effects on stress reduction, skin improvement, emotional problems balance, circulation improvement and skin purifying and many more. The oil mixture is prepared specially for each guest, due to his needs and body condition.

We offer a short term treatment (30 minutes) for upper body parts and a long term treatment (60 minutes) for whole body.

ReflexologyReflexology is a holistic method, where special spots on foot are treated to affect energy connections of different body parts. It is especially good for circulation, immunity, stress reduction, deep relaxing and body balance.
Depending on the body parts, we offer short term (30 minutes) and long term (50 minutes) treatment, as well as a special treatment with aromatherapy (100 minutes).

Indian head massage
Indian head massageIndian head massage is a traditional method focused on the upper body part to improve circulation, concentration and to reduce headaches, sleeping problems, sinus problems, stress and anxiety.
We offer a 40-minute treatment.

Reiki treatment
ReikiReiki (pronounced ray-key) is a newer method from Japan which provides a relaxing and anti-stress effect, as well as therapeutic effect and balance of the whole body through energy.
We offer different treatments in combination with reflexology and aromatherapy which last from 50 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs.

Ayurveda massage
AyurvedaMassage is based on balance of dosa (4 psycho-physiological energies). Depending on the type of person for massage, we use specially chosen warm aromatic oils. By touch and warm oil we achieve calming, relaxing and even healing effects. It is especially recommended for reducing tension and stress. It encourages the elimination of toxins, renews skin and it strengthens its tone. Massage establishes energy flow so after the treatment you feel free and relaxed.
We offer the abhyanga treatment – “anointing” lasting for 70 minutes.

Lomi-lomi nui massage
Lomi Lomi NuiAncient Hawaii massage technique that relaxes, reduces tension, renews health and gives the feeling of happiness. It’s based on Hawaii-philosophy which says that everything seeks for harmony and love. Hawaii love-concept is based on the idea of acceptation, affection and forgiveness. Elbows and forearms are used for long, slow moves which feel like moving through water, and the body is also slightly stretched. Not only physical blockage, but also negative emotional ideas are eliminated from the body and mind.
We offer semi-treatment lasting 30 minutes, or whole body treatment lasting 60 minutes.

Hot Stone massage
Hot Stone massageHot stone massage (massage with hot, volcanic stones) is based on ancient tradition of using hot stones in therapeutic purposes. Unique by its technique, this massage allows permeation of thermo dynamical goods of basalt/volcano stones and beneficial characteristics of ethereal oils. During the massage, excessive amount of water and toxins are removed from the body. Experience begins with whole-body massage with oils chosen by the client.
We offer 60 minutes long treatment.

Beauty treatments
Beauty treatmentsWe offer face-cleaning treatments in combination with massage, body-pilling in combination with nutritious cream-massage lasting for 60 minutes.

VIP SPA experience

VIP SPA experience is unique offer which you can experience only in Villa Magdalena. We are offering you a complete rent of whole wellness oasis along with all its amenities in late night hours. Romantic atmosphere with candle lights, intimate lightning and relaxing music, bottle of sparkling wine or wine, will make your stay unforgettable. VIP Spa experience can be booked every day from 9 pm, and decoration of oasis is arranged in accordance with your wishes. Make a reservation of this unique experience and spend the most beautiful moments in Villa Magdalena…