Krapinske Toplice and Villa Magdalena are 40 km away from the capital of Croatia – Zagreb (from which 30 km is highway). Approximately to the center of the town you need 35 – 45 min of driving.

Your stay in Villa Magdalena can be fulfilled with exploring capital city of Croatia. Situated below mountain Medvednica, this city will wish you a warm welcome on every new step along historical streets and show you why is called as “must see” destination of central Europe.

Arriving in the center of Zagreb, we recommend sightseeing by foot or by bus and the sights you must visit are following:

  • parks: Botanički vrt (Botanical Garden) , Bundek, Jarun, Medvednica, Mirogoj, Park Maksimir, Ribnjak, Strossmayer promenade, Zrinjevac
  • squares: Square of Josip Jelačić, Square of St. Mark, Square of king Tomislav…
  • museums: Museum Mimara, Museum of modern art, Archeological museum, Museum of broken relationships, Tehnical museum, Museum of Zagreb city
  • churches: Cathedral of Zagreb, church of St. Mark, church of St. Catherine…
  • shopping centres: Avenue Mall, West Gate, City center one, Arena center
  • other recommendations: Croatian national theatre, street “Tkalčićeva”, market Dolac etc.

And after all day of walking and exploring Varaždin, enjoy in our hotel on the beautiful terrace near the pool with romantic dinner and relax in jacuzzy in your room.