Sauna Rituals – Rasul

Rasul sauna, also known as Rasul bath or Rasul mud bath, is a traditional Arabic spa ritual that includes a combination of mud, heat and steam to rejuvenate body and spirit.

This treatment, originally from ancient Egypt, is performed in the private Rasul sauna at the Villa Magdalena hotel, where various body peelings or mud wraps can be applied to the skin.

After applying the selected preparation, different cycles begins, which can consist of dry sauna, steam sauna, tropical rain and hydrotherapy shower.

It is up to you to relax and enjoy all the benefits of these rituals, and our staff will choose the best treatment for you in agreement with your preferences.

Mudbath Ritual

40 min – €70.00 one person, €120.00 for two
25 – minute cycle

An ideal type of Roman bath with a mud lining. The rising temperature inside the Rasul sauna allows the wraps to dry on specific areas of the body, creating active ingredients that remove impurities. Afterwards, the steam softens the mud, and finally the warm smell of passion fruit-scented rain removes the cosmetic product and leaves the skin soft, hydrated and revitalized. The treatment is followed by fruit refreshment for two.

Essence Ritual

40 min – €70.00 one person, €120.00 for two
23 – minute cycle

It is characterized by warm steam and eucalyptus essence. After the temperature is mild, a short steam bath and a light cold mist alternate. This modification is ideal for the upper respiratory tract. It can be combined with a body scrub or a bubble bath, which helps to clean the skin and drain excess fluid. The treatment is followed by fruit refreshment for two.

Ritual of Tides

40 min – €70.00 one person, €120.00 for two
29 – minute cycle

Gentle heat and steam exposure, followed by the ingestion of a saline solution mixed with eucalyptus essence, creating a synergy between breathing and drainage. The perfect program for detoxification and removal of excess fluid from the body. After finishing the treatment, it is very important to replace the fluid loss with water. The treatment is followed by fruit refreshment for two.

Ritual Package

120 min – €250.00 for two

Choose one of the rituals as desired or recommended by the therapist. Relax in the hot Roman bath, and during the break treat yourself to the sweets of our kitchen and continue with a relaxing massage of your choice. Ideal for couples who want to enjoy a private Roman bath and a sensual spa experience for two.